What we believe

We believe our lives are both dependent on and enriched by nature. We are not separate from nature, we are part of nature. We need to live more in harmony with nature; an equal partnership where we give as much as we take.

Our current relationship with the natural world is not sustainable. Our planet, and the life that lives on it, is both miraculous and fragile. We must change our behaviour, and do more to protect it.

We believe that we are on the brink of catastrophic damage to the natural world, leaving a shameful legacy for future generations.

Why rewilding?

Much of the decline in biodiversity around the planet is caused by habitat degradation. Conservation efforts that are aimed at saving a single species, despite heroic efforts, can be labour intensive, costly and often not as effective as hoped. There is increasing evidence that rewilding, a more hands-off approach to conservation, can have a dramatic impact on both biomass and species diversity.

Restoring natural habitats through rewilding seems to bring other benefits, including flood prevention (restored land is more able to hold large amounts of rainfall), carbon sequestration (rewetting drained peat land and increased carbon content of soils) and human enrichment (more opportunities for people to reconnect with nature).

What's the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this website is to help landowners increase the percentage of our planet that is set aside for Nature to thrive.

our delicate planet