Become a Rewilding Community Champion

We’re on a mission: to save wildlife by restoring lost habitats. We support local action by providing crowdfunding for nature recovery projects of all shapes and sizes. Existing projects we’re working on include the purchase of land for long-term rewilding, species reintroduction to restore lost ecosystems and education. 

If you care about our native species as much as we do, join our team of Community Champions to help make a difference where you live.

Get involved!

Our Community Champions drive local action and change:

  • Build relationships with local farmers, landowners and nature charities
  • Identify potential rewilding and nature restoration projects in your local area
  • Engage with the local community to build support for rewilding and nature restoration
  • Prepare and launch crowdfunding campaigns to enable new opportunities for long-term nature restoration and protection
  • Support  marketing and publicity efforts to promote crowdfunding campaigns to donors and the press
  • Raise awareness of nature depletion and help promote Let’s Rewild’s mission

If you care about nature and you’re friendly, engaging and enthusiastic, we need to hear from you! Please contact us, telling us where you live and why you’d like to help achieve our mission. 

Use your skills & experience

Some of the skills and interests you might already have:

  • Passionate about the natural world and our ability to improve it
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Relationships with local farmers, landowners and potential donors
  • Social media marketing and communications
  • Love to build relationships with a wide range of people

Does this sound like you? Please get in touch. We look forward to helping you make a difference.