Wilder Blean

Kent Wildlife Trust and the Wildwood Trust have announced this exciting new wilding project in Blean Woods near Canterbury, Kent, U.K. The project aims to bring transformational change to species decline by restoring natural processes.

The plan is to introduce a number of European bison into a fenced in area as ecosystem engineers. The bison are a missing keystone species, able to manage woodland with minimal human intervention.

It is hoped the bison will shape the environment through natural behaviour like eating bark and creating dust baths. These critical functions will be in action for the first time in over a thousand years, bringing untold benefits to plants and wildlife.

The bison will be joined by pigs, horses and cows – together most effective at creating a natural balance perfect for biodiversity.

The Blean Woods is an established wildlife reserve, beloved by locals, visitors and neighboring landowners alike – for this reason community engagement and consultation is absolutely fundamental for the project success, as it will be for any rewilding initiative.

Bison enhance rewilding and biodiversity