Who we are

We’re a growing team, the nucleus of which are family members.

We currently operate through a UK-registered limited company, which provides more flexibility than a charity (which are required to give public access) or a Community Interest Company.

Despite being structured as a limited company, we are driven by our purpose, rather than profit. We are self-funded and charge a minimal transaction fee to cover credit card processing and other costs.

portrait Rob Johnson founder lets rewild

Robert Johnson

Rob grew up on a family farm in rural England where his parents and grandparents passed on a strong interest in Nature.

Shocked by the tragic decline in wildlife numbers, in many cases due to habitat degradation, Rob and his family were recently moved to try to make a meaningful difference. He has spent more than 20 years working in the biotechnology industry, living in both UK and Massachusetts. While living in the US, he was enthralled by the vast forests of the east and the wilderness of the western states. His interest in conservation and wildlife was re-ignited by the startling statistics of declining species around the world, in particular in his homeland, and the exciting successes of rewilding conservation projects. He is an experienced entrepreneur, having started three successful companies.

His family is increasingly asking 'What shall we do with the family farm?', and have not yet reached a consensus.

Julia Johnson

Julia was raised in rural Leicestershire and North Wales with natural landscapes and wildlife at
the heart of family traditions.

Julia is passionate about tradition, family, community and its place in the natural world. She believes where society and education engage deeply in a sense of place and the natural environment, there can be hope for an instinctual understanding of ecological systems for future generations. A brighter future where we dare to allow natural ecological systems to thrive can be achieved whilst celebrating our rural heritage and learning a new nature based economy.

Julia was raised in rural Leicestershire and North Wales with natural landscapes and wildlife at the heart of family traditions. After urban years as a linguist and a City solicitor, Julia spent nearly a decade with Rob and the growing family in the forests of New England. Gradually exploring the expansive American wilderness, they came to recognize that the beloved British Countryside of their youth was in ecological crisis. This awakening planted the first seeds of Let’s Rewild.

Joseph full portrait lets rewild crowdfunding

Joseph Johnson

Joe has never strayed too far from the intricacies, challenges and opportunities provided by the natural world.

A Communications and Philosophy graduate of Leeds University in the UK, Joe has been involved in energy crop projects in Southeast Asia, reared ducks and geese on the family farm in Leicestershire, and recently produced two podcasts about English rural life. While working for the family farm, Joe became intrigued by the conflict between business and nature, with European CAP subsidies rewarding activities that, in certain geographies, were likely to proliferate damage to the natural world. On first reading about rewilding in 2013 it immediately and intuitively appealed. Future land use is an emotive subject and Joe is particularly interested in the need for communication and reconciliation, believing that broad-minded dialogue will be of paramount importance if we are to re-establish wild places.
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