Is this for me?

We are appealing to communities, landowners, educators and ecologists to submit fundraising campaigns to enable you to increase biodiversity.

We welcome projects of all shapes and sizes.

Consider marking the area you’re interested in our rewilding map. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to collaborate with a neighbour: many people believe that larger areas of connected land will maximize the impact of rewilding and nature restoration.

You can raise money in the form of a cash lump sum, or recurring monthly income (e.g. to replace lost revenue from agricultural activities).

Building a campaign

As you prepare your biodiversity project for crowdfunding, think about:

  • Your current situation
  • How, when and what you want to change
  • What help you need. You can raise money from donors as a lump sum or as recurring donations. A well-thought through and detailed budget will give donors confidence in your project.
  • How you will measure success, including short and long-term goals
  • What benefit donors will receive (e.g. visits, regular communications from you, access to your space etc.)
  • What will happen with donated money if you don’t reach your goal? Perhaps you can still put it to good use, or perhaps it’s donated to a rewilding charity of your choice.
  • We encourage the use of video, pictures and the written word to communicate your request to donors.

You're not alone

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to share your initial thoughts. If you have questions, please make use of the rewilding discussion forum.

There is an increasing amount of information and help about rewilding on the web, and Rewilding Britain is hosting a rewilding network.

Ready to go?

When your pitch is ready, we’ll post the campaign details on this website and alert our community of supporters. Before posting campaigns, we do need to know a bit more about you and will email a form for you to complete. This is standard procedure to ensure we are compliant with money laundering regulations.

We urge you to leverage your network of friends and your local community to increase the reach of your campaign. Crowdfunding campaigns that leverage social media channels are much more likely to hit their targets.

Get ready to answer questions from donors – and share your vision with the world!


Donations are passed directly to you by our payment processing partners a few days after they are made. We do charge modest fees to cover our costs. Please see our Fees page for details.

(Just don’t forget to tell the world about your progress).