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Every single river, lake and stream monitored in England is polluted and we are freaking furious about it.

We love rivers. We love wild swimming, we love kayaking and we love watching wildlife. But year on year, we’ve seen our rivers turn from beautiful, pristine ecosystems into open sewers. As revealed by George in his Guardian investigation, water companies and farmers are allowed to just pour waste – including raw sewage – straight into the waters and trash them. There is no effective regulation and no effective punishments. It’s an ecological calamity.

The World’s First Live Investigative Documentary?
We’re attempting to do something which, as far as we know, has never been done before: a live investigative documentary. Streamed online as it happens, George will present RIVERCIDE live from a polluted river, speaking to experts and campaigners live from other polluted rivers, trying to find out why Britain’s rivers are in the state they’re in and what can be done to improve them. He’ll also be calling politicians and knocking on the polluters’ doors, demanding answers.

Think Challenge Anneka meets Newsnight.

Our wish-list for who we’ll invite to take part includes some of the biggest names in conservation, ecology and politics. We’ll be announcing names as they’re confirmed via our Twitter, Facebook and Instagam.

The one-hour programme will also reveal the results from our team of citizen scientists who’ll be going out testing the water quality of their local rivers. We’ll also be inviting viewers to share their footage of pollution incidents they’ve witnessed.

RIVERCIDE isn’t just about how bad the situation is, even though it is very very bad. Shockingly bad. The documentary will also show how everyone can get involved in turning the situation around, helping to restore our rivers back to the natural wonders they used to be.

We are not approaching broadcasters with RIVERCIDE as we feel it is crucial to be independent. We need to maintain editorial control and not be beholden to funders or executives so we can tell it exactly like it is.

That’s why we’re crowd-funding.

Please contribute if you can.